ESC is a top down puzzle game with a spooky retro aesthetic with three main game modes:

  • Escape: Use your wits to solve the labyrinth and reach the way out before your rival.
  • Survive: Your partner has been possessed by an unknown entity and turned into a monster that's chasing you. Will you be able to survive?
  • Cooperate: You're in this together! Find the keys to open the path for your partner and escape this place as a team.

Two more sub-modes are available:

  • Mirrored Escape: This time, you and your rival will play the same mirrored map.
  • Survive Alone: No friends, no problem! You can play this mode alone, against the AI.

ESC uses procedural generation to create new experiences each time you play. You'll never see the same map twice!

ESC Game Development Team:

  • Alvaro Garcia
  • Ivan Martin
  • Angel Noguero

Learn how to play:


  • Player 1: WASD (W up, A left, S down, D right), space bar to use powerup.
  • Player 2: Arrow keys. Shift to use powerup.

Special Powerups in Survive Mode:

Each minute, a Special Powerup will appear in the labyrinth. Search them and take an advantage over your opponent!

  • Pink & Blue Circle Powerup [Cross-Walker] : Can only be obtained by Intruder. When used, this powerup gives the Intruder the ability to cross walls.
  • Blue & Pink Circle Powerup [Turbo Boost]: Run! Both can obtain this great powerup! When used, it gives a 50% velocity boost to its player.
  • Green & Red Square Powerup [Freezer]: Can only be obtained by Shadow. When used, it briefly freezes the time.

Pro-tip! Keep in mind: You can only have 1 powerup at a time. If you take a second powerup without using the previous power, you'll lose it.


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Cool game! The graphics are pretty good and I like how the map was randomly generated every time, too. Survive alone was pretty easy, but it seems like a fun game to play with friends!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you!

We're working to improve the shadow's AI in the Survive Alone mode